Hu En De
Special technologies

Laser cutting, CNC pipe bending, Fine cut

- Laser cutting: with the most modern sheet cutting technology we can get a precise  outline and sizes. Besides being quick and affordable, this technology makes it  possible that tool production could live up to the highest expectations. Our machines  can be used up to a standard size, 1500x3000 mm maximum.

- CNC pipe bending: We take bending jobs of production-line-products up to 70 mm  external diameter. Whether it is about bending a pipe or a closed section, we can do it  with great precision.

- Fine cut: We produce parts up to a sheet thickness of 8 mm. In each case, production  is done so precisely that the cut surface of the parts would be smooth, burr-free and  perpendicular to the plane of the sheet. This is helped by ‘Fine blanking’, a fine cut technology developed in Switzerland, in the 1950s. With this technology, in a single  operation, we can produce a sheet (metal) part which lives up to the expectations  described above, with the expected narrow size- and shape tolerance. 

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