Hu En De
CNC milling machine operator

Operating 3 axis CNC milling machines.
Producing the required amount of parts without any faulty products within prescribed time. Controlling the size of produced parts with measuring tools and gauges. Doing independent, precise job after training.
Changing, measuring and correcting tools.
Keeping the machine and its environment clean.

At least 1-2-year(s)- experience in a related job.
Being precise and punctual at work.
Being familiar with measuring tools.
Reaching a high-standard, dedication, quality-orientated approach.
Accepting a 2-shift work schedule.

Experience in traditional milling machines.
Being familiar with CAD/CAM programs.
(OKJ) qualification in CNC programming and operating.
Being familiar with NCT 104, 204 control.
Good drawing reading ability.


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